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Wednesday Kids


Wednesday Kids

CrossFit Hamptons – CF Kids

Metcon (No Measure)

Warm up:

1) 3 Rounds

->5 Tuck jumps

-> 15m Lunge walk

-> 10 Mountain climbers

2) 3 Rounds

-> 1 Handstand roll out (or forward roll)

-> 30m High skip around gym

Skill work:

1) KB Swings

2)Box jumps – set up at first base for WOD


CrossFit Running Bases:

FIRST- 3 Box jumps

SECOND- 6 KB Swings

THIRD- 9 Squats

HOME PLATE: 12 Jumping Jacks

*keep track of how many times you get to home plate. Extra points if you can do a Babe Ruth 🙂


CrossFit Basket Ball?

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